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Ad Posting Sites in USA | Top Classified Sites

Popular Classified Ads Sites Classified ad sites have a number of purposes. Websites use them as part of their SEO Strategy. Smaller, more humble businesses just want these free ads to generate a little bit of publicity. Individuals use them to sell goods and offer services. Cars are bought and sold on the strength of classified ads. Jobs are gained and money is earned because of them. New relationships also form as ads are placed by lonely people seeking some company. Regardless of why they are used, classified ads and the sites that hold them are incredibly popular. Here is a look at some of the Most Popular Classified Sites USA.

1) Craigslist

This is the granddaddy of all classified ad websites. It was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 and has grown into one of the most popular Classified Sites in the USA. It carries a .org address instead of .com, apparently as a means of showing Craigslist to be a non-corporate operation. However, it is certainly a money-making machine with more than 50 million classified ads on the site. It generates approximately 2 billion page views a month with 8 million new viewers in this timeframe. The number one reason why people use Craigslist is to look for employment. However, it can be a frustrating experience promoting your website on here as a big percentage of this type of advertising gets flagged.

2) US Free Ads

While Craigslist is free, US Free Ads charges $10 per year. Members who pay this fee are allowed post adverts specifically for the purpose of advertising. This gives it a major advantage over Craigslist as the popular free site flags ads of this nature. This site enjoys a lofty status on Google which makes it the ideal location for promoting a business. When you pay the $ 10-a-year membership, you are allowed to post up to 25 ads simultaneously. This is more than enough for the vast majority of companies. However, if you fancy placing unlimited ads, there is a premium membership option on offer at $9.99 a month. Post as many ads have you have time to create for this price.

3) Highland Classifieds

This is another site that offers free adverts, but only for the first four weeks. Your free adverts will be seen by some 10,000 people a month. Once the free trial option is up, you will have to pay $10 for six months to continue. However, your ads will open up to approximately 300,000 viewers a month.

4) Free Viral

This is another Free Advertising Site that is gaining a legion of followers. Chris Masterson created it and it now enjoys more than 1 million viewers a month. It uses a viral marketing system designed to work around the clock to enable websites to enjoy a massive increase in their current traffic. You should be able to set up the site within 5 minutes.

Classified ads are used for a variety of reasons but utilizing them to Promote Your Website is the best way to increase your revenue. Chris Masterson made an interesting point about the fact that one penny becomes tens of millions of dollars when doubled every day for a month. Although your site will not grow that fast, it is an excellent way to suggest that patience is a virtue in online marketing. Classified Ads Can Help Increase Website Traffic at a steady rate until it becomes enormous and makes the site owner a tidy profit.

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