List of Free Seo Tools | Online Seo Tools

Must-Have List of Free SEO Tools | Online Seo Tools

List of Free Seo Tools These tools let you have a look at an array of site issues all in 1 interface. They make this process a good deal easier. The next completely free tools can assist you in finding common Search Engine Optimization Problems that annoy Google and frustrate your visitors.

Free Vs Paid Seo Tool List

Tools are imperfect and a few errors are impractical to repair if in doubt consult a specialist. You’re able to begin utilizing these tools at no cost or buy the premium versions for your Mac or PC. Their substantial collection of research tools will probably offer what you’re looking for with your Search Engine Marketing Needs. One of the Quickest Keyword Research Tools Online.

List of SEO Tools An SEO Analyst Must Know | Free Vs Paid Tools

The tools below will hopefully allow you to discover new suggestions and optimize your existing content. When there are Free SEO Tools out there, any experienced online marketer knows it to come across a high-quality solution, you’re going to need to pay for it. Among the Best SEO tools, it is possible to use is Rapid SEO Tool. It brings the ideal SEO tools under one roof and supplies you with the wisdom and resources you will need to use them and optimize your site. Highly suggested for bigger sites, and is among the best online SEO tools, you can purchase.

You do not need to be an SEO Professional to enhance your search engine rankings. Any data-driven SEO needs to have a dependable set of tools in order to correctly diagnose website problems and find opportunities to boost optimization. If you’re doing local SEO, attempt to research what keywords most of your intended audience are searching online too. SEO who use Dev Tools have the ability to view the DOM to observe how things including JavaScript functions could be altering the info on the web page.

If you would like to perform SEO to the best of your abilities, SEOptimer is a terrific means to do it. Search engine marketing is a complicated discipline that takes a range of variables to be thought about. SEO or search engine optimization is easily the most powerful and inevitable portion of online portals.  One other important portion of SEO is the content that goes into a site. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is a thorough solution for many of your on-site search engine marketing needs.

Keyword  Research Tool

The Best Keyword Research Tool that you are going to be able to Increase Your SEO Rankings would have to be a Free Keyword Analysis Tool. By using the Best Keyword Tool, Maximize your rankings and really Boost Your Website For The Right Keywords. choose the best and appropriate Business Niche for Your Business and services, This is going to help you in the long run because you will know exactly what keywords you should be targeting in order to generate the most traffic for your website, with the help of keyword tool finds monthly searches, keywords bid, competition and filter your niche. This is going to give you a good insight as to what keywords are generating the most traffic, which keywords your competitors are targeting, and what the buying keywords within your niche are.

Ranking Checker (SERP: Keywords Position checker)

keeping track of your SEO results would be some kind of Website Ranking Checker Tool. Now very good software is available or a free tool that can check your Web page rankings, progress, and Find here how you can compare with your competition in terms of ranking potential, it can really go a long way towards helping you optimize your website to achieve the Best Possible Ranking.

Links Analysis Tool (Number of Backlink Checker and Link analysis, Quality Link Check)

These types of Link Analysis Tools can help you optimize your links and really allow you to generate the highest quality, do-follow with high authority links possible. Just about every website could benefit from one of these tools because they will allow you to optimize your links and really generate strong links that can help boost website rankings.

Here is a complete list of Best SEO tools that fulfill the necessary functions in Today’s SEO

  1. Suites
  2. Backlink analysis
  3. On-site analysis
  4. Keyword Analysis
  5. Keyword Ranking
  6. Link Building
  7. Various
  8. Browser plug-in

Some tools play an extremely vital part in internet advertising life. If you’re searching for a tool that makes SEO audits quick and easy, then you want to use SEOptimer. Furthermore, it gives a selection of tools that’ll be beneficial to your strategy. All Search Engine Optimization Tools should supply some kind of keyword-tracking feature to assist you to monitor your key phrases. You may use the ideal SEO tools available on the market. Instead, make certain you take Advantage of the Best SEO Tools in the marketplace. Maximize your website’s potential with a comprehensive List of Free SEO Tools. Boost your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

A number of the tools might not do the precise search engine marketing stuff but do help to construct your websites better than others both when it comes to performance and income. So that you are able to use the tools very effectively. The ideal approach would be to try out these tools employing the totally free trials and then, you can decide to carry on employing the one you like most and what delivers the best outcomes. The majority of the tools also cap the amount of keyword reports it’s possible to run per day. An All in One SEO Tool like SEMrush is able to help you accomplish all your search engine optimization goals. If you wish to check other useful Search Engine Optimization Tools, read Top Ten reviews that concentrate on the most current and best SEO program.



Use mainly analysis of the links to the competition, SEO on page analysis of your website

Raven Tools

Keyword ranking check, monitoring relevance in social networks, on-site analysis, PPC campaign tracking, and custom report creation


It has two versions: online use through login or download software .best tool to track the ranking of keywords, analysis on-site, and compare the result with a competitor


A very good tool for Competition analysis, search for keywords based on your traffic and also link your Google Analytics account to traffic comparisons with your all keywords.


Mostly used for the analysis of links to your website, search for keywords according to their traffic and difficulty, search for duplicate content, analysis of URLs, HTML, and indexed pages, and generating the custom report.

Google Webmaster Tools (free)

Google Search Console is a free service that helps you manage your site,  analysis of the ranking of keywords, the configuration of the domain (preferred domain, blocking of URLs, and change of address), domain health analysis (crawl errors, crawl statistics, and indexing status), on-site analysis, link analysis (internal and external) and search terms listing on Google, Use Sitemap submission, Crawl  Indexing error, Disavow Bad link all task done in Webmaster Free Google Tool.

Link-Assitant and Analysis (free)

This tool absolutely Free SEO Tool Downloads it to your computer. It allows us to Analyze The Website Ranking of keywords and niches, study the competition and Analyze the SEO On the Page. In your free version, you can access all the functions but you can not save the campaigns.


SEMrush allows you to analyze the keyword ranking of keywords, analyze the SEM campaigns of your competitors, search and analyze the possibilities of keywords, and make personalized reports.

Traffic Travis

It has two versions: payment and free (both to download to your computer), the difference is that in the free the number of results is limited (very limited). Very visual and easy to use, it allows you to make an on-site analysis of your web, see the state of the links to your web, do an analysis of the



Positionly is a search result monitoring tool, simple, with competent search and integration with external add-ons.

Majestic SEO

Simple and complete, besides offering a complete list of links to the URL that is, gives you the anchor text, the date on which it was detected, and the value of the page that has the link (Pagerank and Alexa). It has two types of information: link history and last detected links. Mostly People used to check the CF Tf (Cation Flow) (Trust Flow) of their website.

Open Site Explorer

My favorite. Very easy to use and very visual. It allows you to see the state of the links (no-follow, with redirection 301, etc), the anchor text, and the origin; but in addition to this, it also provides data on the page you are looking for (domain authority, page authority, and relevance in social networks) and a comparison of up to 5 different pages.


It allows all but with very interesting additions: historical links, facilitates the day on which links have been created and/or removed; as well as a small on-site analysis. Its free version allows 15 queries per day per user.


Every Seo analyst must know these tactics in order to make their website attract more traffic and provide valuable information to the readers of their website. Always remember the information on your blog or website always needed to be user beneficial, so here is the list of best SEO on-site tools for ranking your site.

Google Analytics (free)

What more can be said about this tool, if you have the web you have to have it installed. This tool gives you endless data: traffic, traffic source, conversions, landing pages and etc. infinite. Mandatory use.

Google Pagespeed (free)

Very useful, it offers a complete list of possible improvements to improve the speed of your page, grouped according to their importance.

Xenu (free)

It serves to find broken links to your web and inside it, with a horrible design, I repeat HORRIBLE, this tool is simple but works very well.

WooRank ( € 36 per month)

It’s a tool focused on giving you SEO feedback on your website; although it has information about backlinks, visits, traffic, and competition, its biggest difference from the competition is that it gives you feedback regarding the marketing plan of your website.

Screaming Frog (free)

The complete tool to download to your computer. It offers a huge amount of on-site data: broken links, duplicate content, external links, links anchor text, number of H1 tags, H2, etc; image information, indexing errors (404, 500, etc.), meta-tags status, file size, the status of title tags, description, and keywords, and analysis of the robots.txt file. It also has a tool to easily createerobots.txt files.

Microsoft IIS SEO toolkit (free)

It offers possible improvements to improve the loading speed of your page, grouped according to its importance.

Pingdom (free of charge)

Do a test on the loading speed of a given page, the good thing about this online tool is that it shows a graph with the loading speed of each of the elements of the page.

SEO Browser (free)

This tool shows you the web page according to what a Google robot would look like, that is, text only.

BrowSEO (free)

Allows you to view a page by deleting all the style sheets in it. It also allows you to highlight internal, external, and no follow links.

Copyscape (free)

It serves to detect the duplicate content of a page in the rest of the web, very useful for blogs.

Server Density

This program notifies you via SMS or e-mail when your server becomes saturated or when it reaches a number of visits that you specify.

Domain Age Tool (free)

It shows the age of the domains that you indicate to him.

Quicksprout (free)

It is a tool that at a glance gives you an analysis of your web: load time, visualization, and code errors. There are many points that it does not cover and elements that can appear as errors without being it, but in general, can be a good point of contact with a new web.


Ubbersuggest (free)

You choose a language, you enter a word and this tool facilitates hundreds of variants for that word.

Google Keyword Planner (free)

This tool gives you hundreds of ideas for a given word, as well as the competition for them and the number of local and global monthly searches.


Entering a word gives you a list of related words and words with direct relation to it, as well as the number of searches and the competition.


This tool is meant to improve SEO traffic through Long-Tail terms. Analyze traffic and keyword competition with the same pattern (eg cheap restaurants in [city]), show the relationship between different keywords, suggest hundreds of variations for the same keyword, and create filters to know how users search through keywords or sequences of keywords.

Google Trends (free)

It shows and makes estimations of the trends of the search of a word and its variations, and also allows making comparatives between different words.

Google Correlate (free)

Entering a keyword shows you which are the variations of that word that is most related to it, as well as a historical line that compares the relationship of that word and the most related to it.


Before starting with the list say that most of the suites already have a built-in tool of this type, so there are not many that are unique for this purpose.

Authority Labs

Perhaps it is the best tool that is (almost) exclusive to keyword ranking. It allows dividing the keywords by campaigns to make comparisons between them so that you can know which is the one that has better performance.

Google (free)

That’s right, the simplest way to know the position of a word is to search for it yourself is Google, of course when you have hundreds of keywords this becomes a bit desperate.

MOZ Rank tracker

This tool allows us to know the position in which a given web is located for one or more specific searches. We can choose between the three main search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) and among a multitude of countries.

SEObook Rank Checker (free)

It is a Firefox plugin, it allows the tracking of the keywords that we introduce for the domains that we indicate to him.



Google is giving more and more signals about the importance of local mentions. This tool allows you in a very simple and quick way to find mentions, both yours and your competitors. You can search for mentions by keywords, address, or by phone.

Talk Walker Alerts (free)

The perfect substitute for Google Alerts. You can create alerts that let you know about important things every day; those same alerts can be duplicated to alert you, important or not, once a week.

Link Detective (free)

This tool facilitates in a spectacular way the way in which a link profile is analyzed, uploading a CSV file (if you have Open Site Explorer you can upload one of your competitors) creates a very visual “report” in which it divides the links into types: broken links, images, banners, text, etc.

Outdated Content Finder (free)

This online tool helps you find outdated content. Its only function is to search for the keyword that you specify for the dates that interest you. You could do it on Google but it is simpler as well.

Image Raider (free)

This inverse image search tool tells us when a personal image is published on external websites. Ideal for monitoring your own images, infographics, and graphics resources, checking if they link us, and based on it generating relationships or requesting a link.


It is a CRM for link building and detection and contact of influencers. Basically, try to simplify and simplify all the contact and relationship that involves link building.

Rapportive (free)

Rapportive is a tool that links your contacts’ email accounts with their profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Skype, along with some relevant additional data. In short, it gives you more information about who is, what opinions, and where are the people you write when you do link building, and this is a huge plus.

Boomerang (free of charge)

When you dedicate yourself to link building, it is normal to send emails on weekends or untimely hours. Boomerang allows you to send your e-mails at the date and time you set to look like a normal person.

Various Other SEO Tools

Google Snippet Preview (free)

An easy way to check how a Google result would look for a title, URL, and description. Useful to explain these fields to a profane in SEO, or visually check new titles and descriptions.

Screenfly (free)

This tool allows you to quickly check how your web looks on different devices (computers, tablets, mobile and televisions) with different resolutions.

Screenqueri (free of charge)

Shows the appearance of a web page for the different screen sizes of tablets, mobiles, and computers. Very useful for checking a responsive design.

Wayback Machine (free)

Let’s see how web pages were over time. You enter a URL and it immediately shows you a calendar with the different past versions of that website (see how Google was in 1999 is quite curious)

Sitemap Generator (free)

Sitemaps generator is easy to use and with many useful functions like ignoring parameters of URLs or the types of files that you indicate to him.

XML Sitemaps Generator (free)

Another generator of Sitemaps, more simple to use and without the possibility of excluding URLs or files. Limited to 500 pages, so if your web has more pages, decántate by the previous one.

Alexa (free of charge)

Check the Alexa Rankings, the number of links, the most commonly used search terms, and the demographics of visits.

Klout (free)

Linking the accounts you have on social networks (Facebook and Twitter mainly) measures the influence you have.

IE Tester (free)

It lets you check how a webpage looks in different versions of Internet Explorer.

Browser (free)

In addition to showing you how a web page looks in different browsers, this tool also locates the Javascript errors that you have on your page.

Browser Stack (paid)

It shows how a web page looks at the different types of browsers and operating systems.

What is Hosted on that IP (free)

With this little tool, you can know which domains are hosted in an IP range.


Broken Link Checker (Chrome)

Quickly analyze all the links on a page, finding if there are broken links.

SEO Toolbar (Firefox)

Pagerank information, links, the age of the domain, and location.

Redirect Path Checker (Chrome)

Web Developer (Chrome and Firefox)

This plugin is absolutely essential (at least for me). If I had to list all its functions I would need 40 posts like this; with it, you can analyze almost anything from the web, from meta tags and images to CSS and Javascript. It also has a section with links to useful online tools.

MOZ Toolbar (Chrome)

The MOZ Plug-in highlights the follow or no follow links, and indicates the age of the domain, the location, its links profile, and its attributes.

Yahoo! Yslow (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera)

It does a test of speed to the page, it shows in a fast way really useful information about which slows down the speed of a load of your web.

Word Count (Chrome)

Count the number of words and characters in a selected text.