List of Native Ads Provider for Blogger

Native Ads Are Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Native Ads when you start looking into How to Monetize Your Website, it’s likely that you’ll initially look to AdSense. As one of the most prominent website advertising companies on the internet, it’s the thing people think of when they think about how to Monetize Website Traffic. And let’s be honest from the start – Adsense is the single best internet advertising company around. Period.


It’s not uncommon for bloggers and website owners to be banned from AdSense without much warning, or for things they didn’t realize were disallowed. Especially recently, people have also been worried about the recent inclusion of an adblocker for Google Chrome. In addition, AdSense allows you to incorporate other advertisers into your website alongside them, so if you have AdSense already, another advertiser could help boost your revenue.

No matter what reason you have, you need to learn about AdSense alternatives all over the web. There are likely thousands of ad companies worldwide, and each one functions differently. Those different functions make each one unique, so they can offer a completely different advertisement experience. That’s why we’ve created this site, so you can understand the best alternative for you.

Different advertising companies work well for different people; there’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Here’s a very quick overview of the twelve Google AdSense alternatives.

List of Google AdSense Alternatives:-

SiteTraffic RequirementPayoutUse Other Ad
AdsterraYes; 5,000 page views per month100Yes
AdversalYes; 50,000 page views per month20Yes
BuySellAdsYes; 50,000 page views per month.20Yes
Media.netreasonable volume of visitors100Yes
MonetizeMoreYes; 500,000 page views per month100Yes
VertozYes; at least 50 page views per day100Yes
Yllix MediaNo$10 with no feeYes