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Best Keyword Selection Tool:- A Keyword Suggestion Tool is a must-have to do excellent keyword research. Choosing the right selection of keywords can work miracles for your website. If you are a small business or sole trader, you may not have the funds to get a premium keyword tool. However, in my opinion, the selection below is an extremely good alternative.

The competitive nature of the Internet has made it so much more important to Research Keywords and gain an advantage using tools. Years ago there were much fewer websites competing for the first-page search results. Back then most of us took lucky guesses at what keywords would attract customers. Since then website growth has been fast and furious. Website masters are learning sophisticated techniques and SEO Strategies for becoming number one. Join the competition with keyword research and learn how to use SEO Keyword Tools for maximum effect.

Free Keywords Planner Tool for SEO

Google Planner Keyword Tool  – This is an updated version of Google’s keyword tool. It is known as Google AdWords, and it was really developed for Ad campaigns. When you sign into AdWords, you will find the Planner Keyword Tool under ’Tools’ on a toolbar. You have to sign up for an account, but it is free to use. As this keyword tool is free, it is very useful, in that, it gives you the traffic volumes and competition as ‘high’, ‘low’, or ‘medium’ for each keyword. It also gives you suggestions for other similar keywords with traffic volumes and competition. There is a paid version that gives more in-depth information on long-tail keywords.

1) Google Trends Keyword Tool – this keyword tool is useful in providing information on the Trends of keywords over time. The keyword tool is handy if you want to check if a keyword is rising or declining in popularity over time. There is a forecast option if you want to check the trend for future years. You can filter the information by year and country, and you can do comparisons on two or multiple keywords. It will also give you the Top Ten Related Keywords on what people are searching for and the new rising keywords. This keyword tool is completely free and requires no sign-ups.

2) Bing Research Keyword Tool – Bing has a handy keyword tool that is part of their Webmaster Tools. When you add your website to Bing’s webmaster tools, you can find the keyword tool under ‘Diagnostics & Tools’ – ‘Keyword Research’. This keyword tool focuses on Organic Search Results from Bing. It defaults to give results for the last month, but you can change this value along with the location. Again, this keyword tool is free when you sign up for Bing’s webmaster tools.

3) Keyword Discovery – This keyword tool pulls data from all the top search engines worldwide. It is definitely worth using from the point that it pulls data from many search engines. The free version will give you the top 100 results with traffic volumes. If you have some cash to spare, the paid version will give more in-depth information. You can sign up for month free trial to get real value from this keyword tool.

4) Ubersuggest – I couldn’t write this post without mentioning this keyword tool. It gives you endless suggestions for keywords. It organizes the keywords alphabetically and what’s more, if you click on a keyword, it will bring up more suggestions for that keyword alone. What’s also nifty about this keyword tool is that you can define the keyword search on videos, ‘images’, ‘news’, ‘shopping’, and ‘recipes’. This Free Keyword Tool is free to use and you don’t need to sign up for an account. Now that’s what I call value. Quite handy!! Share this:

5) WordStrea- Take advantage of the suite of Free Keywords Research Tools. Free tools include Negative keyword software, Keyword Grouper, Keyword Niche Finder, and Keyword Suggestion Tool.

6) Wordtracker- Check out the free Wordtracker trial to get started and find popular keyword phrases. Learn which words are the most competitive. Explore their research guide about keywords and discovering long tail phrases.