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Free SEO Site Lists are used in the marketing of products or services utilizing digital technologies is called Digital Marketing. It is not just for the site, but you need to do activities which lead your customers to your site and increases the traffic and sales. Latest Digital Marketing Techniques Trends nowadays. Here some digital marketing techniques which are hottest and among the most crucial in Internet Marketing trend that’s going to rule out the internet world for forthcoming years.

With the popularity of eCommerce, Digital Marketing has come to be a requirement in the current growing markets. The Strategy of Digital Marketing in Real Estate Industry As it has a significant function in today’s marketing world and it has become an inseparable part of any industry or company. It’s a strategy that covers strategies and all the marketing techniques through an internet platform. Digital advertising and online marketing discuss the specific same thing, even though they’re same but the name differs.

Digital Marketing Overview  | Free SEO Site Lists

Digital marketing doesn’t have any boundaries. It should not be confused with all the internet marketing as Digital Marketing Strategies are made in both of those instances. It is changing the way the consumers purchase goods, research concerning the merchandise and ultimately recommend to their friends. While Digital Media Marketing isn’t just confined to this internet the internet promotion is simply confined to the internet where it’s possible to display all of the information you’d like for the targeted viewers, any place on the planet. Some tactics are like SEO, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines Optimization is continuously evolving and changing their algorithm as a means to keep yourself updated with the constantly developing new technology. Search engines such as Google or Yahoo sends you traffic if somebody is searching for a specific phrase or keyword, search engine directs that person to your site in the event the phrase is linked to your site. Google search engine utilizes an algorithm to search for a few unique items as a means to record a website from the results when someone types in a particular set of keywords. Some tasks are performed in SEO. Some free tools are you can use for your help like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Keyword Search, Alexa.

Type of SEO Task

1). Off Page Optimization
2). On Page Optimization

1). Off Page Optimization

Off-page Optimization is also called off-page SEO isn’t almost backlinking. It is among those promotion methods beyond the web layout and search-engine factors. As you go with Off-Page Optimization, then you can even wish to inspect the selection of outbound links present online pages which are linking to you. You Have to perform some tasks

1. Sharing Blogs
2. Blog Directory
3. Web 2.0 Sites Submission
4. Image Sharing / Photo Sharing
5. Sharing EBOOK
6. Social Bookmarking
7. Forum Posting
8. Guest Posting
9. Sharing Video
10. Sharing PPT
11. Directory Submission
12. Search Engine Submission
13. Blog Commenting, etc

2). On Page Optimization

Most are prepared to do so so long as your content is accurate and fresh. Your material needs to be unique, attractive and of high quality. Your content must contain the perfect key phrases and other on-page SEO advertising factors want to get implemented, otherwise, your odds of ranking and of users finding you through search, are really slim. When you provide useful content, visitors have a tendency to stay longer on your site in order to consume the info and so raise the dwell time. Each and every page of your site has to be optimized for keywords. On Page, Tasks are like.

1. Title Length ( 60 – 65 Characters )
2. Keyword Meta Tag Length (150 – 160 Characters)
3. Homepage Link
4. Keyword at the Top & Bottom of Page
5. Alt Tags
6. Description Meta Tag Length(150 Characters and less than 200)
7. Table “Summary” Attribute

Off Page Tasks | Site Lists

1) Video Sharing Sites

Sharing video is the most effective way to promote your services & products. Some Video Sharing Websites are here you can choose one of them for upload your video far greater audience. some Video Sharing Sites:

2) PPT Sharing Sites

Here are some basic PPT sharing sites you can upload your PPT. PPT sharing will help for increasing your site visibility in search engines. PPT Sharing Site also increases your site backlink. some PPT Sharing Sites:

3) Image Sharing Sites

Here Some free Image Sharing Sites these sites are really helpful for making your website visible on search engine. these sites give you referral traffic to your website only you have to do bookmark your image here.

4) Social Bookmarking Sites

Here some Social Bookmarking Sites you can bookmark your site here. Social Bookmarking will improve your site domain authority also reduce site bounce rate. you can get new relevant traffic from bookmarking sites, by doing social bookmarking you can index your website in search engines.

5) EBOOK & PDF Sharing Sites

PDF and ebooks are the very nice way to get more visibility for your brand. Here is the list of some PDF and eBook sharing site lists. Here you can upload your PDF document file. Some time PDF is well ranked on search engines.

6) Blogs Sharing Sites

Some Blog Sites can increase your blog visibility and also improve traffic on it. Only you have to submit your blog to these site lists. You can get a completely new audience. Direct traffic from blog directories also generating a number of backlinks from a blog.

7) Directory Submission Sites

Submitting your website to web directory is off page task for creating high-quality backlinks for your website and blog. You have to submit your website to Web Directory Site which lists are given. it will increase your ranking on search engine. Also, this is the process of generating high-quality backlink for your website.

8) Blog Directory Sites

Blog directory sites, directories sites will be helpful for your website having high page rank on search engine. On these sites, you have to submit your website and blog link and you can get high-quality backlinks from these sites also you can get organic traffic from this site.

9) Web 2.0 Submission Sites

These Sites are used for submitting Blog and increase user interaction. by using this trick you can show original content to your user. Web 2.0 Sites. Here some sites are a mention for submitting your blog and promote your site through these sites.

10) Forum Posting Sites

Forum Posting has come under the off page task and the best part of Forum posting Sites are easily get do follow backlink from other sites and same category sites. These sites are similar to the online discussion sites you can share your knowledge on any topic.

12) Guest Posting Sites

The best part of Guest Posting is you can get a quality backlinks from the other site by getting a link from the other site it will help you to increase domain authority of your sites. You can also drive targeted traffic.

The Guardian
Business Insider
Tech Crunch
Start blog
Groove Digital Marketing

13) Blog Commenting sites

Blog Commenting Sites are is the easiest way to get quality backlinks from another blog. The page rank will be increased by blog commenting. you can leave your website link in the comment and get the traffic from it.