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As a blogger or website owner, it’s essential to understand the power of Blog Commenting in boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). Engaging in strategic commenting on authoritative and relevant blogs can drive traffic to your website, improve your online visibility, and enhance your credibility and reputation in your industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best blog commenting sites to help you elevate your SEO game.

What is Blog Commenting and Why is it Important for SEO?

Blog commenting Sites refer to the practice of leaving comments on blog posts, typically with a link back to your website. The purpose of Blog Commenting is to engage with other bloggers and readers, share your insights and expertise, and drive traffic to your website. When done correctly, blog commenting can also help to improve your website’s search engine ranking by demonstrating to search engines that your website is active and relevant.

How to Choose the Best Blog Commenting Sites for Your Website

When it comes to blog commenting, quality is more important than quantity. Rather than aimlessly leaving comments on any blog post that takes your fancy, it’s essential to choose your blog commenting sites wisely. To maximize the benefits of Blog Commenting Sites for your SEO, consider the following factors:


Look for blog posts that are relevant to your niche or industry and provide valuable insights that complement your own. Commenting on irrelevant blog posts will not only waste your time but may also be seen as spam by other bloggers and readers, hindering your online credibility.


Prioritize Blog Commenting Sites on authoritative sites with a strong online presence and high domain authority. Engaging with high-authority sites can help to improve your website’s search engine ranking and boost your online credibility.


Aim to comment on blog posts that have high levels of engagement, with comments from other readers and active participation from the blogger. This will increase the chances of your comment being approved and attract more attention to your website.

Top Blog Commenting Sites for SEO

Now that we have established the factors to consider when choosing the Best Blog Commenting Sites, let’s take a look at some of the top sites to help you get started.

1. Medium

Medium is a popular blogging platform that attracts a wide range of writers and readers from diverse backgrounds and industries. Medium’s high domain authority and strong online presence make it a great choice for bloggers looking to improve their SEO through Blog Commenting Sites.

2. Hacker News

Hacker News is a social news website run by Y Combinator that covers the latest in technology, startups, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on tech-savvy and entrepreneurial readers, Hacker News is a great choice for bloggers in these industries looking to engage with like-minded individuals and improve their SEO.

3. Reddit

Reddit is a massive online community that covers a wide range of topics, including technology, politics, entertainment, and more. Reddit’s high engagement levels and active user base make it an excellent choice for bloggers looking to improve their SEO through Blog Commenting Sites.

4. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer platform where users can ask questions on any topic and receive answers from experts in the field. Quora’s high domain authority and strong online presence make it a great choice for bloggers looking to improve their SEO through strategic engagement.

5. Inbound

Inbound is a marketing and sales platform that offers a range of resources and tools to help marketers and sales professionals improve their skills. With a strong focus

Dofollow High DA Blog Commenting Sites List is extremely popular among bloggers because blog commenting is one of the best and easiest ways to get totally free do-follow backlinks, and it helps to increase the page rank (if use a Do-Follow link) on their blog.

You noticed that the Blog Commenting Site system of any blogging platform, such as WordPress has the user name, E-mail ID, URL, or Website field and also a comment box in a comment submitted, mainly looks on below on every blog post. By including your website URL on the URL or Website field, you are leaving a link back to your site. Blog commenting is a highly reliable method to get backlinks, most of the time we get the no to follow links, but there are many blogs available that give free Dofollow links too. You could additionally read my additional useful post

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is beneficial for both individual website proprietors and bloggers. For site owners’ blog commenting keep their blog posts upgraded. Regularly updated blog posts have a better chance to get a higher rank on Search Engine, and also Most Blog readers must like or trust those posts which have many comments.

For that blogger who leaves a comment for using backlinks. Dofollow Backlinks help to increase Alexa rank, build a partnership with other bloggers, and also contribute to getting visitors to their blog by writing an excellent comments.

Tips to Get Your Blog Comments Approved

  • Read the complete article and then leave a comment. And don’t comment just because you will get a Backlink
  • Do not place any link within the remark unless you are referring to another reputable website that belongs to the blog post
  • Signup with that email id which has Gravatar so that the blogger notices your comments.
  • Always leave an article-related comment and put 1-2 line comments, don’t leave a short comment like Thanks, see my blog, great article, excellent post, etc.
  • Avoid spammy comment

Currently, Here I am sharing the Blog Comment Sites list for best backlinks. So, start commenting on the given Dofollow Hig h DA Blog Commenting sites list to create a High Page rank do follow backlinks for your blog.

Blog Commenting Sites List:-

S.No Sites DA
1 Copyblogger 78
2 Yoast SEO Blog 79
3 Backlinko 63
4 SmartPassiveIncome 66
5 JustaGirlandHerBlog 59
6 59
7 Elegant Themes Blog 90
8 Problogger 77
9 AdvanceWebRanking 55
10 51
11 54
12 Matthew Woodward 52
13 53
14 MelyssaGriffin 58
15 SmartBlogger 58
16 Blog 42
17 BloggingBasics101 50
18 49
19 40
20 47
21 Niche Pursuits 52
22 HellBound Bloggers (HBB) 48
23 47
24 40
25 BloggerIdeas 47
26 BloggingFromParadise 43
27 46
28 MasterBlogging Blog 46
29 44
30 Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog 59
31 Authority Hacker 49
32 43
33 RobbieRichards 41
34 Inspire to Thrive 39
35 41
36 GotchSeo 40
37 43
38 Human Proof Designs 42
39 Philipscom 37
40 CloudLiving 37
41 BloggingX Blog 36
42 Yaro Blog 55

List of High DA Technology blogs for Blog Commenting:-

S.NO Sites DA
1 OnlineTechTips 73
2 Trak 64
3 AllTechBuzz 58
4 TechWalls 57
5 TroubleFixers 49
6 CallingAllGeeks 41
7 ShoutMeTech 35
8 ITechCode 38
9 TechLast 40

List of High DA Health and Fitness blogs for Blog Commenting:-

S.NO Sites DA
1 100DaysofRealFood 65
2 HiveHealthMedia 51
3 HealthResource4u 41
4 AggiesKitchen 56
5 HealthBeckon 53
6 FitnessVsWeightLoss 35
7 Diabetes Strong 52

List of High DA Finance blogs for Blog Commenting:-

S.NO Sites DA
1 MoneySavingMom 70
2 SavingAdvice 63
3 ChristianPf 56
4 ModestMoney 54
5 ManvsDebt 56
6 JagoInvester 54
7 OneCentAtATime 47
8 FinancialHighway 52
9 MoneyExcel 31
10 SafalNiveshak 46
11 BasuNivesh 39
12 BeatingBroke 40
13 TFLGuide 40
14 SubraMoney 38

List of High DA Travel blogs for Doing Blog Commenting:-

S.NO Sites DA
1 BoardingArea 78
2 GloabalGrasshopper 58
3 DangerousBuisness 56
4 ShaluSharma 41
5 VelvetEscape 54
6 InspiringTravellers 48
7 TheShootingStar 52
8 IndiTales 44
9 LakshmiSharat 42
10 AnkiOnTheMove 32
11 RomancingThePlanet 35
12 TravelDiaryParnashree 35
13 Wanderink 28

List of High DA Lifestyle blogs for Blog Commenting Purpose:-

S.NO Sites DA
1 Aha-Now 43
2 EverythingMom 45
3 Naina 39
4 HBCULifestyle 52
5 MordernLifeBlogs 37
6 AkanshRedhu 39
7 SweetStyleBlog 27
8 DashofWellness 33
9 VanityNoApologies 49
10 TheGirlAtFirstAvenue 21
11 Purushu 31