How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook Likes – 4 ways to get liked

How to increase Facebook Page Likes: – We all want more Facebook likes, right?

Then if you try the following, your chances are a heck of a lot better.  There are plenty of ways you can get more Facebook likes on your Page.

  • Invites
  • Fan activity
  • Incentives to Like your Page
  • Ads and Offline advertisements

Ok, so you have created a Facebook page. Make sure you publish it and invite all of your friends to like it. If they click on the Facebook like button, they will become a Fan of your page.

how to increase facebook page likes
how to increase facebook page likes

However, you have only x amount of friends and I’m sure you will want a greater number of Facebook likes. If you have good quality content on your page, you would hope that your fan’s friends will like your page too. You can encourage this by having a prize at x number of Facebook likes and so on. A prize would be an incentives for People to like your page. There may be other incentives that you could you use to gain more Facebook likes.

Your content on your page will be exposed through the activity of your fans. They will either like, comment or share on your content. If a fan shares your page, it holds more weight than a comment as it will be seen in the news feed of the user’s friend as something the user posted himself. Remember good quality content is the key.

facebook likes
facebook likes

Another way to expose your page is to create an advertisement. There are two types of ads – adverts and promoted posts. An advert will appear on the right hand pane of the activity feed. Facebook will display these ads whenever they want and if a user click on it, you pay for that click. This is called CPC (Cost Per Click). The other type of ad is the promoted post. This way you create a post and select the ‘boost post’ option. There are different budget options and it will tell you how many people you will reach by promoting to your fan’s friends.

You could also advertise your Facebook page in local newspapers, magazines etc. Ensure you have a Business card with your Facebook page clearly printed on it. Also, if you are on other social network platforms like Twitter, make sure you put a link to your Facebook page on your profile there too.

After all of the above, your Facebook page should be gaining some exposure. Remember to keep it updated. I would recommend updating the page weekly but you should do so at least monthly. Try to find unique or interesting information for your posts and the rest of the Facebook likes, comments and shares will happen naturally!

Remember good quality content is everything. It is quality not quantity. Ensure you don’t rehash what you read online, try making your content unique.

Be creative!Keep it up!