Using Classified Ads For Improve Website SEO

Classified Ads For Improve Website SEO | Free Classifieds Site Lists

Classified Ads For Improve Website SEO. These days in order to succeed online you have to pull out all the stops and you need to constantly be messaging your SEO efforts a great way to do so is by using Online Classified Ads. By using places that will let you post an online classified ad for free you have the opportunity to create an advertisement using specific keywords or key phrases that will, in the end, help you to Boost Your SEO for your website.

When you set out to create an online classified advertisement you should first think of the most frequented places for this. Two of the biggest Online Free Classifieds are Craigslist and the back page. Both places will allow you to advertise in their classified sections for free and if your ads are worded properly you have a real chance of helping the SEO of your website.

The main thing to remember with these types of websites is that they are typically community governed. This means that the websites rely on the community to ‘police’ all the ads that go live on the site. This is good and bad as it keeps much of the SPAM on the sites, but it also means that someone else can get wild hair and decide to flag your classified ad and thus have it removed from the site as well.

In order to avoid that scenario, you need to carefully craft your classified advertisement. Instead of coming right out and sounding like a commercial try to give the readers of the ad something useful. Everyone likes to gain something when they read Free Classifieds Site Lists and if you can provide them with something of value then you are more likely to get them to read the entire advertisement and possibly see what your business is all about.

Be careful about putting your URL in too many times as this will have you flagged in a fast manner and your advertisement will be gone. A good rule of thumb is to say what you have to say and then at the end say something like, “For more information please visit” So long as your advertisement is not removed you will accomplish two things. The first is that you may get a few people to actually visit your website but more importantly, you will be adding to your link popularity which is a huge component of SEO success.

You should also choose keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your website and sprinkle them throughout your posting. Include one main keyword in the title of the post and in the first sentence of the post then just dust it through the rest of the advertisement. Be careful not to use the keywords too much within the posting as that can have your posting labeled as SPAM due to high keyword density. 

But no matter which ones you decide to use you should take the time to read their policy statement before you get started posting ads. This way you can get a handle on what is and isn’t accepted and this will save you time in the end.

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