Top 10 Social Sharing Plugin for Website

Best Social Sharing plugin for Website 

Top 10 Social Sharing Plugins for Website:- Social Media is the only place on the internet where you can find the entire world, every single internet user resides on any one of the social sites or even all of them. Therefore it is very important for bloggers like us to target audiences at these places to spread their work. But how can one do this, almost 60% of the bloggers out there are using WordPress and 50% of them are making use of such great plugins available in its directory. Tasks which you might find difficult to perform may be very easy for a plugin to do. So why not use them?

This is one of my those posts where I show you some of the Best Social Media Plugins right now available for WordPress. So let’s begin with the first one.

1) Shareaholic

A very popular plugin for getting some Quick Social Sharing Links anywhere on your website you want. Even the social buttons that you see below this post are from this plugin only. Earlier this plugin was known as Popular Bookmarks. It uses great social images which look really very attractive on your site. You can also get some social stats on your site. It also has the functionality to add a top bar which is nothing but a fixed position-sharing bar at the top of the web page. It would be easier for your audience to share your precious work more easily and will surely catch their attention.
You can get this plugin right now totally for free which is a great thing, not to worry about any premium lockdowns or anything. Enjoy the full-fledged plugin for free.

2) Sociable

Another great social sharing toolkit to have on your site. You get different styles of sharing toolkits like a long Skyscraper or a normal social bar at the end of your post or even both!. It’s great, I had used it before for my site before Shareaholic and used loved it. You can set different taglines for the social bars. You also have a great selection of Social icons for your sharing links for Google+, Facebook, is Twitter, etc. You can also set the settings for the social bar that after how many seconds you want to show it to your readers WH cares amazing for a free plugin.

3) Sharebar
It is a plugin that makes a social toolkit float from any one of the sides of your site, either from the left or from the right. The best thing about this plugin is that you can add custom site social links and create buttons for them by adding HTML codes. You also get an HTML javascript or code that you can place in any of the templates of your file and there you can display the social bar very easily.

4) DiggDigg

It’s an All In One Share Buttons Plugin. Easy to configure, use and works like a charm instantly. Easy settings and very fast loading. Will not slow down your loading at all! If you ask me, it is the best alternative to the Sharebar WordPress plugin. If the share bar doesn’t for you for because of any reason, then go ahead and give this one a try. I am sure you will not get disappointed.

5) SocioFluid

This plugin is popular for its new and interesting design. It looks amazing on any site out there. The best part about this plugin is that when you hover your cursor over it and move it from left to right, you will get a fluid animation like you might have seen in the Mac bottom dock or even in Windows if you have installed any dock application. The icon over which you will hover will get bigger and will pop out. This works amazingly on your site, but if you have a slow computer, then you might not see some smooth animations like you should. So don’t worry if it works slowly for you, it will be working fine for others who have a decent-spec computer.

6) Follow Me

Another great social sharing toolkit plugin for WordPress. Various social buttons are available with the update right now like, GoodReads, AIM MSN, Skype, EMAIL, and, FourSquare Tagged Google. You also have the option to add custom links and custom corresponding icons for them. Also, have the option to attach a social slider at the side of your site for easy access.

7) ShareThis

It is once again a very popular social media plugin for WordPress. A very clean-looking social sharing plugin for WordPress which gives different styles of sharing tool kits like Open Graph Sharing, Hovering Bar, and CopyNShare. Also, you can get the premium plugin, and you will be able to use all the useful analytics features that this plugin is capable of. You can also integrate this with Google Analytics.

8) AddThis

Great Social Plugin for WordPress! You also have the feature to get a detailed analytics report about what is the social status of your site. But you need to register for it before. Another great highlighting feature of this plugin is that it loads very fast on any site out there.

9) Simple Share Buttons

Slick social share buttons and add Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Linkedin, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, buffer, and Pinterest pin social media icons to your site. You have a lot of tools to customize the layout of how it looks on your site. Also, the share buttons show only if the readers click on them, so it’s not distracting to them.

10) WP Socializer

Another big-name plugin. It is getting very popular these days; you can find every 4th site you browse using this plugin. You get all types of customization like you can separate the social buttons; add floating toolkits for the sidebar, or below the content.

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